Terms and Services

The Spring Edition (TSE) designs clothing, accessories, and services that allows people to connect with each other, build communities, comment on posts, forums and blogs, shop on propssy, and much more. These terms govern the use of The Spring Edition (TSE), Propssy, DuNoir, and the other products, features, apps, and services we offer, except when stated by another separate Terms of Service.
We do not charge for use of The Spring Edition. Instead, businesses and organizations, and other persons pay us to show you ads when available for their products or services. By using The Spring Edition, you agree that we can show you ads that are relevant to your tastes and interest.
We do not sell your personal data to advertisers, and we do not share information that directly identifies you (for example, your name, email address or contact information) with advertisers unless you give us specific permission. Our privacy policy explains how we use your personal data to determine what ads our advertisers would like to present to you. You can go to the Menu to review our Privacy Policy and the choices you have.